Real Testimonials

These are random testimonials from real people.

The product is crazy because you can take a shower and get it wet also it’s made from a breathable material.
It is flexible and feels actually a lot better when it’s on.
Feels amazing. Zero scabbing. Skin completely smooth. I’ve just never had a tattoo heal like this before. Usually on day 3 after being tattooed I’m full on in the midst of scabbing, harshing my skin with Dial soap, and obsessively washing, aquaphor, repeat. It was amazing to actually forget I had just gotten tattooed.
I’m gonna be praising this method for a long time to come. Might just buy a roll of it to have for the long haul. Just the fact that you really don’t have to think of the new tattoo, obsess on the cleanliness, etc makes it worth it, but the speed and quality of the healing!
the healing is going well. I see that most of the peeling is gone and it just looks kinda dry. Far from the scaly peeling which i usually get from regular aftercare.
It makes more sense to not change it everyday. I healed fine. i took it off the next morning(4 days total) and got a tiny scab at the bottom and im good to go.