The Ultimate Tattoo Aftercare Product. You'll Never Use Aftercare Lotions Again!

Discover the next level in tattoo aftercare. Our Simple Tattoo Aftercare products are applied once and lasts for days! You no longer need a complicated lotion or serum regimen or procedure. Simply 'apply it & forget it'. Our Simple Tattoo Aftercare is a transparent hypoallergenic flexible & very breathable film barrier that protects against: water, dirt, infection, germs, viruses, bacteria, & bodily fluids.

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No More Complicated Tattoo Aftercare Products!

Apply It & Forget It.  Leave it on for up to 7 days.  Typically, tattoo care requires only 3-5 days of protection.


The main purpose of Simple Tattoo Aftercare is to protect your new tattoo.  The fresh tattoo ink will be left untouched & undamaged while the adhesive bandage provides a smarter approach to the tattoo healing process.  Your tattoo will heal properly and naturally.  No more worrying of hard to follow instructions that come with other tattoo aftercare products.

Ultimate Protection Against:  dirt, bodily fluids, viruses, bacteria, germs, infections, & water


The tattoo aftercare dressing sticks to your skin not your tattoo.  Apply it and forget it for days.  You won’t even know it’s there!  And, yes, you can even leave it on in the shower with no worries.  It won’t even bother you while you sleep or going about your day.  Best part is you won’t have to change it 3-5 times a day like other popular tattoo aftercare products require.


Our tattoo care breathable film allows your tattoo to breathe like it should.  It’s made to let oxygen in and moisture vapor out.  So you can feel safe about your tattoo healing properly!


Simple Tattoo Aftercare is gentle to the skin while securely being waterproof.  You can even shower with it on and it will not come off.  Go about your business without the worry of humid or wet conditions.


It is a clear transparent adhesive film dressing designed in a way for you to monitor the tattoo healing process and observe the tattoo as time passes.  And you can show off your ink as it heals!


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